Friday, 21 August 2009


i've started work on some shoes:

I LOVE cotton mary-janes!
soooo comfy.

there's going to be quite a few of these popping up in my shops i do think.
different colours and designs too.
all the colours of the rainbow!!!
im thinking of doing custom ones too, i shall have to see if people are interested...

im going to have to make myself some of these ones though!!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

"keep your nose to the grindstone"

i went to a clairvoyance evening last night.
i really didnt know what to think, and i guess i still don't =/
my boyfriend had wanted to go to one for a while though, due to his dad dying.
He didnt get a reading, but i did *eeep*

apparently there's an old woman close by me trying to push me and keep me going (im guessing its my great nan) and an old man who smokes a pipe (no idea who that is, her husband maybe?)
the medium was rather lovely about me really.
she said that im a very bright light, will have a life that has a lot to do with colours and that i will follow a very spiritual path. I am to "keep my nose to the grindstone" apparently, as there is a lot more learning to be done, and if i do this, i will have a wonderful life.
i thought that was rather lovely.
it made me smile.

i dont think i have anything to update about shop and making wise.
im busy busy with custom necklaces and shoes.
though a new bat plushie and some new earmuff monsters should be up very soon.

He's a cutie!

I still don't quite know what to make of Folksy.
i've had one sale thus far.
maybe im better off sticking with etsy?

i also think im going to start up doing custom earmuffs.
other things apart from monsters i mean.
i have one person who's going to order some lemon ones. how cute!!!
i'd love some more though. custom things are so fun!!

Friday, 14 August 2009


lots of new things in my shops now.
ah, its good to have a camera again.
so here's a photo overload!!!

what do you think?

Mitten Monsters

Monster phone or mp3 case

pocket palm pal - Stratus

halloween earmuff bats!

lots and lots and lots of goodies!!!
i like being productive. it makes me smile!

i really fancy doing an trade with someone or something. 
anyone fancy it?
i like the idea of it.
like being pen-pals, but even more exciting!
i love getting things in the post, it cheers me up for the rest of the day =]

After blogging about emmaklingbeil she was super lovely-jubley and completely made my day by telling me that she was going to send me a free print of one of her works!!!
how nice is that?!
as soon as i get it, im going straight out to get a lovely frame and giving it pride of place in my room!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

spotlight on....


"These are all my original creations...odd little creature's daily lives and desires...strange places in time - in childhood - where you know you've seen a monster behind the shower curtain, or your pet cat talked for a split second, then, after time it becomes a dream. "

i am absolutely in love with emmaklingbeil's work.
completely and utterly.
i love how they have a childlike look to them with an almost adult theme and feeling.
they are superb and stunning.
its like she has reached into mind and put my daydreams down on paper.

i would do anything to own one of her prints.
but unfortunately i only have £15 to my name
ah, the joys of being an art student *sigh*
someone buy me one?

i think i would pretty much sell my own mother for one of her original paintings!
THIS is how in love i am.

go visit her etsy shop HERE so you can all fall in love too.
she really is truly talented!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

cosy mitts

i've been busy, busy, busy the past few days creating new goodies to go in my shops.
however, i seem to have lost the charger for my camera and its all out of battery. so until my lovely new charger arrives in the post, i wont be able to list any of my new things =[

i've spent a whole load of hours working on these:

new mitten monsters!!!
(notice the bad phone camera quality picture)
these babies are made from a long cream coloured fur which has a slight shimmer to it (the photo totally doesn't do them justice) have hand sewn faces and are fully lined with a lovely soft brown fleece with no raw edges inside so they wont annoy your little fingers!
i have no idea what to charge for them though =/

i've also made a monster phone/mp3 case, a pair of apple cupcake earrings and a grapefruit and lemon cupcake necklace (because i stole the last one i made for myself *guilty face*) and some Hello Kitty shoes.
and today im working on some halloween themed earmuffs. yay!
i've also had orders for two pairs of soot sprite shoes, a pair of cupcake shoes and a tentacle cupcake (as the other one sold).

hopefully i'll get my charger on Friday and can start listing things then.
but for now there's some new things in my Folksy shop which were previously only in my etsy shops. go have a look HERE.

tell me what you've been working on!

Monday, 10 August 2009

cupcake ahoy!

i did have a cupcake monster in my shop

but he sold within half an hour.
yay cupcake monster!

i've also sold a pair of earmuff monsters. im having a good week XD

Friday, 7 August 2009

tasty tentacles!

I've FINALLY posted some halloween items in my shop.

My little devil brooch
and a tentacle cupcake
with an eyeball topped cupcake still to come (the varnish is drying!)

have a look see at the tentacle one though and tell me what you think?

i think it actually came out quite well..... well, better than i expected anyway.
its in my etsy shop at the moment, im not sure if i should list it on folksy or not?

I've listed my cupcake earrings now too
and a cupcake necklace.
yum yum yum.

Theres other different ones in my shop, so go have a peek!
i hope they sell!

i put a photo of  the kiwi cupcake necklace on my deviantart last night and it sold within 5 mins!!!
that was a lovely fast surprise XD
why cant that happen everytime?!
i wish.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

yum yum

so i've put my kiwi and starfruit necklace up on etsy and its soon coming to folksy too.
i should also have all my earrings up for sale tonight too
and im starting work on some halloween cupcakes too!
im so excited XD

heres the necklace:

i think it looks so tasty!!! 
im surprised that i havnt tried to eat it yet =]

Its in my "Bee Delicious" etsy shop, go check it out.

im so proud of my little cupcakes =] i even stole a pair of grapefruit cupcake earrings to keep for myself! they were too cute!

and i posted your packaged out today theothermousie.
so Eric should be with you very soon indeed!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

sweet tooth

i finally had a go at making some fimo cupcake earrings and necklaces today.
i've been wanting to for AGES.
i love cupcakes. i could live on them. for real!
and i've always been really into fimo cupcakes too, but yet i've never bought any as i've been holding out until i make my own.
and i kept putting it off as i thought that i would be no good at it at all,
but im actually quite proud!!!

the photo i took is really orange/yellow as its quite late, but i'll shove some more on here tomorrow for you to see

baaaaah! i think they're adorable!
i just love kiwi! its going to be hard for me to sell them; but alas, i must!
i've made others too; including, strawberry and chocolate and grapefruit!!!
they dont really fit in with my "Snarlz" shop though, do they? what do you think???
im planning on making some halloween themed ones which i guess i can sell with my monsters, but im not sure =/

I went charity shop hunting today, mainly for some old cameras, which i didnt find.
i did get a few books though, and this:

an owl pot!!!
isn't he just the most super thing ever?!
i fell completely in love with him. now i just need to think of something that i can keep in him.

we have a winner!

so the giveaway is now closed and our lucky winner is.......


and here is her winning story:

"This is Eric - he's very misunderstood really. Due to a bizarre incident at the Jaffa Cake factory he got totally overcooked & was thus banished from the box. Poor Eric. He is now quite crispy on the outside which results in his totally fixed smile (yup it's a smile - hasn't he got lovely teeth?!), some people find this scary - but he's such a happy soul, a real softie on the inside, just like a yummy orangey bit."

well done!
your story was super and so sweet! i loved it =]
email me at with your details and i'll send Eric off on his way to you!

aaaaaand i've been featured on Creepy Queen Magazine!

find the article HERE.

its all go!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

last chance

You only have until midnight tonight to enter my giveaway to win a monster!
go go go people!
its HERE.

and in other news, i made my first halloween item today
(though i guess as all my items are monsters, they could all be considered halloween-ish?)
Here he is:

He's a little devil monster brooch >_<
sorry for the rubbish photo though... i must go take some better ones and then list him in my shops tonight.

Im also in the middle of making two new pairs of earmuff monsters
ones pink-blue-purple with a dash of pale green (sounds odd, but i promise it works!) and the other pair is red and black.
so keep an eye out for those!
and a monster scarf will be listed within the week too!
exciting stuff!

and check out my blogs new look!
cute huh?!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

news news news

i went to a Lammas party last night.
Lammas is a pagan festival which celebrates the beginning of harvest.

It was lovely =]
we had it outside even though it was pouring down with rain. We all sheltered under a make-shift shelter but it was nice anyway.
And there was a fire, marshmallows and we all tried to get into the spirit by making corn-dollies... which didnt actually turn out too well, but still.
unfortunately i forgot to take my camera so i cant show you the wonderful festivities.

In other news, i managed to catch a pair of Mitten Monsters in my garden today.
They're a lovely canary yellow colour and so cute!!

I may have to catch myself a pair to keep!
Though i've already decided to keep my monster scarf to myself (i loved it too much!) so maybe not....
These mittens are going to go up in both my folksy and etsy shops today.

Along with some more earmuff monsters:

aaaaand im going to be featured on a blog by Memoriesinmosaics from Etsy!
im so excited!
i just need to answer all the questions and send them off now =] i'll let you all know when it happens.

Also remember, there's three more days left until my giveaway closes!
ENTER NOW to be in with a chance to win one of my monster keyrings!!! go go go!

Friday, 31 July 2009

Monster Scarf - first look

here's a little sneak peak at my first monster scarf which will be up for sale in my etsy store tomorrow. (when i can take some better photos in natural light)

aren't they the cutest little things?!
who WOULDN'T want adorable little monsters attached to the ends of their scarf???
this photo really doesn't do it justice though! 
the wool its knitted in is just gorgeous! it reminds me of the sea =]

if anyone wants to reserve this monster scarf before it goes up on sale then you can! 
just leave a comment on here and when i post it on my Etsy store (or folksy if you would prefer) then it will already be reserved just for you!

sea monster hair!

Today i was bored.
So i dyed my hair blue.

It went kind of green.

officially opened

well the giveaway is off to a good start with two lovely stories!!!!
keep up the good work guys!

i've officially opens the Snarlz shop on etsy 
check it out HERE or click on the links over to the right.

I've also got a new pair of earmuff monsters up, as well as some other lovely things, but you'll have to visit my shop to see the rest.
Here are the new earmuff monsters though:

i think they look a bit like little bears.
maybe they were bear cubs once upon a time and something turned them into monsters?
who knows!
maybe if you buy them they might tell you!

At the moment im working on some more earmuff monsters and a scarf monster too!
And i've heard rumors of some strange monsters lurking around outside my house that look just like mittens!
If only i was quick enough to catch them.
Maybe one day soon. So keep your eyes open!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

monster keyring - GIVEAWAY

would someone please start a drumroll for.... MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!
hopefully this will be the first of many.

Right, so in this giveaway one lucky reader could win one of my monster keyrings!
And this one is special because it has never before been seen!
Not in any of my shops, or my deviantart.
He's a bit shy you see.

anyway, here he is:

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win him is:
  • come up with a super name and wonderful background story for him! (see my etsy or folksy shop descriptions for examples)
And either:
  1. put a link on your blog to my Etsy or Folksy shop.
  2. put a link on your blog to this blog
  3. follow this blog.
you dont need to do all three.
just pick one (of course you can do all three if you would like. that would be lovely) and create a name and backstory for the monster.

This competition will close in one weeks time on 6th August.

good luck all!!!

a little bit of knowledge

So, i thought it would be best if i maybe told you a little bit about me.
I thought that might be nice.

So, im a 19 year old art student, studying Visual Studies at the Norwich art school.
Now, no one ever knows what Visual Studies is unless they've done it themselves and its a super hard course to explain. I guess the only thing i can say is that it's anything you want it to be! painting, sewing, sculpture, film, dance. As long as its visual then you can do it!
Its much fun! i mostly stick to sewing though.... i do love sewing.

This is meeeeee

I've been "in to" art since i was very, very young and studied it all through school. It wasn't until i went to college though (3 years ago now... god im getting old fast) that i found my passion for sewing and other similar crafty pursuits.
You see, my mother and her mother and even her mother were all seamstresses and i just wanted to run away from that. It's not cool to like the same things as your mum, right?
But, when the photography class i applied for was too full, i decided to try out the textiles course, thinking that i would want to give it up after only a few classes.
However, to my surprise, i fell completely in love with it and it actually became the only class at college that i enjoyed and didn't hate with a passion. weird.

I started to sell my stuff online under the shop name "Bee-Delicious" during my second year at college and also took part in a craft fair that summer too where i had my own stall. The first things i started to sell where needled felted (oh how i love needle felting!) slices of cake.

here is one of my first needle felted cake slices.
its still up for sale in my etsy shop, it seems that only i like it.
click here to go buy it, or just to have a look.

i've continued to sell through my first year of uni too, even though my tutors sometimes moan that all i think about is my online shops *sigh*
And that brings us to now, where i am splitting my shop in two.
Still keeping Bee-Delicious but starting up Snarlz too, as my monsters seem to clash with all the pretty pretty cakes and shoes and other things that i also create.

Splitting my shops is turning out to be a lot more complicated than i though, but im sure i'll get there in the end.

wish me luck =]

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Earmuff Monsters

oh yes! they're here!

and they need some new cosy homes right on your ears!!

say hello!!!

buy them in my etsy and folksy shops - the links to which you can find quite close to the top, over there ---->

a triumphant start

So, this is the start of "Teeth and Snarlz" and the Snarlz plushie range!
*triumphant music*

you can check my stuff out on Folksy and Etsy at the moment.

There's a bit of a mix of stuff at the moment as im trying to separate it all into two different shops; Teeth And Snarlz and Bee-Delicious.
It may take some time....

we'll see how it goes XD