Wednesday, 12 August 2009

cosy mitts

i've been busy, busy, busy the past few days creating new goodies to go in my shops.
however, i seem to have lost the charger for my camera and its all out of battery. so until my lovely new charger arrives in the post, i wont be able to list any of my new things =[

i've spent a whole load of hours working on these:

new mitten monsters!!!
(notice the bad phone camera quality picture)
these babies are made from a long cream coloured fur which has a slight shimmer to it (the photo totally doesn't do them justice) have hand sewn faces and are fully lined with a lovely soft brown fleece with no raw edges inside so they wont annoy your little fingers!
i have no idea what to charge for them though =/

i've also made a monster phone/mp3 case, a pair of apple cupcake earrings and a grapefruit and lemon cupcake necklace (because i stole the last one i made for myself *guilty face*) and some Hello Kitty shoes.
and today im working on some halloween themed earmuffs. yay!
i've also had orders for two pairs of soot sprite shoes, a pair of cupcake shoes and a tentacle cupcake (as the other one sold).

hopefully i'll get my charger on Friday and can start listing things then.
but for now there's some new things in my Folksy shop which were previously only in my etsy shops. go have a look HERE.

tell me what you've been working on!

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  1. OMG - you've been busy!!! Love the little mitts - so cute in a monster type way!!

    Take Care

    Sarah x