Friday, 31 July 2009

Monster Scarf - first look

here's a little sneak peak at my first monster scarf which will be up for sale in my etsy store tomorrow. (when i can take some better photos in natural light)

aren't they the cutest little things?!
who WOULDN'T want adorable little monsters attached to the ends of their scarf???
this photo really doesn't do it justice though! 
the wool its knitted in is just gorgeous! it reminds me of the sea =]

if anyone wants to reserve this monster scarf before it goes up on sale then you can! 
just leave a comment on here and when i post it on my Etsy store (or folksy if you would prefer) then it will already be reserved just for you!


  1. Absolutely adorable! They are amazing!!

    Remember before you know it'll be Halloween - I know - but you have to market things early - just thinking sweet little monsters etc...

    Especially in orange - I have a thing for orange!

  2. I love the scarf! Absolutely fabulous and very cute!

    Robyn x