Friday, 18 January 2013


Hi there everyone!!!

I'm super excited to announce that Snarlz now has a brand new shop!

There's no need to sign up for anything or open an account. All you need is Paypal!

I'm still happy to take custom orders for earmuffs and plushies of course. All you need to do is contact me via our new shop or send me a comment on here :)

Its taking a little bit of time to get all my stock listed on there, but I'm nearly there! So pop on over and have a little look!

Here's a peak at some of my newest earmuffs to get your ears excited:

 1. Strawberries

 2. Totoro.

3. R2-D2

Keep your poor little ears warm during all this snow and buy some earmuffs!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Photo Update

I've been busy, busy, busy lately and have sucked at posting on here yet again. Apologies.

My aim at the moment is to take more photos. I'm hoping to get a new camera for Christmas so that I can have a compact one and take it with me everywhere instead of dealing with the huge one I have now. At the moment I pretty much only take photos of the things I've made but I want to start recording much, much more. I managed to remember to take some over Halloween this year (though not many at all) but the rest of these are, again, items I have made to sell in my Etsy shop. Hopefully I'll have a wider range of photos to show off soon.

Anyway, here are some that I've taken over the past few weeks--

1. I baked some Halloween vampire cupcakes.
2. Dan with his Halloween pumpkin.
3. My Cheshire Cat pumpkin. I'm rather proud of it :)
4. Adventure Time earmuffs
5. No Face earmuffs
6. Sugar Skull hair clip.
7. Moogle earmuffs.

As well as all this sewing, I've now got a job as a Librarian! I'm super excited about this as I am SUCH a bookworm so this job is just perfect for me. I cant wait to start!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wednesday Wonders

Halloween Special!

I'm getting super excited for halloween! Im baking cakes, carving pumpkins and making squash soup at the weekend and cant wait to give out my baked treats to the trick or treaters!!!
So in honour of my second favourite Holiday (nothing beats Christmas!) here are some creepy, lovely handmade goodies that I've found this week.

Pumpkin Mittens - by Twinkie Chan

Skeleton Garland - by The Doll City Rocker

Halloween Boo Dress - by Jennifer Lilly

Cat Necklace - by Hey Designs

Monster Bunting - by The Bunting Studio

I hope everyone has a super fun and spooky lead-up to Halloween!!!! I know I will :)

No Heat Curl

I decided to try out a no heat curl last night.
My hair is poker straight, flat, really fine and refuses to hold any kind of style at all. If I use a curling iron the curls will fall out within 3 hours no matter what products I use on it.
So I thought the no heat curl would be a bit of a long shot, but any chance to have lovely curly hair is one I'm going to jump on straight away!!!
I found the idea on The Papermama's blog:

The socks were SUPER uncomfortable to sleep on. But I think the result was worth it! For me anyway.
It's been 2 hours and the curls still look the same as when I first took the socks out! Plus it gives me way more volume! I love it!
I might try doing it with some cut up tights next time though......they might be more comfortable for sleeping.
Anyway, heres what the result looked like:

So much better than my normal boring hair!

Here's the video tutorial too:

Yay for socks!!
I think this might start being a nightly ritual for me. Finally something that works on my hair!

Monday, 22 October 2012

I suck at blogging.

I really, really do.
I need to start updating this thing regularly again. As of now.

A few new things have gone up in my shop recently:

A little gingerbread man brooch.

Silly but cute octopus earmuffs

Red earmuff monsters

Plus a few other bits and pieces :)
Hopefully some more exciting things will be popping up over the next few days too! As well as some more christmas items.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

orange forest monster

Theres a new arrival in my shop today!
This super cute and super fluffy, orange forest monster!

I found him wandering around in a forest. He was worried that something scary would jump out and get him because he couldn't camouflage himself well enough.
So now he's looking for a lovely new home with someone who will protect him from all things scary!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


With some new earmuffs as well:

Sugar Skulls earmuffs!!!

I'll be adding lots and lots of new things to my shops and posting about them here too, so make sure you keep an eye out!
I'm very excited! ^_^

I also now have a Twitter account too, so pop over and give us some love :)