Friday, 31 July 2009

officially opened

well the giveaway is off to a good start with two lovely stories!!!!
keep up the good work guys!

i've officially opens the Snarlz shop on etsy 
check it out HERE or click on the links over to the right.

I've also got a new pair of earmuff monsters up, as well as some other lovely things, but you'll have to visit my shop to see the rest.
Here are the new earmuff monsters though:

i think they look a bit like little bears.
maybe they were bear cubs once upon a time and something turned them into monsters?
who knows!
maybe if you buy them they might tell you!

At the moment im working on some more earmuff monsters and a scarf monster too!
And i've heard rumors of some strange monsters lurking around outside my house that look just like mittens!
If only i was quick enough to catch them.
Maybe one day soon. So keep your eyes open!


  1. love all your adorable.. I mean scary!.. creations :) found you through theothermousie :) have a great weekend! xox

  2. Your earmuffs are just toooo cute!! Congrats on the new shop!