Tuesday, 4 August 2009

last chance

You only have until midnight tonight to enter my giveaway to win a monster!
go go go people!
its HERE.

and in other news, i made my first halloween item today
(though i guess as all my items are monsters, they could all be considered halloween-ish?)
Here he is:

He's a little devil monster brooch >_<
sorry for the rubbish photo though... i must go take some better ones and then list him in my shops tonight.

Im also in the middle of making two new pairs of earmuff monsters
ones pink-blue-purple with a dash of pale green (sounds odd, but i promise it works!) and the other pair is red and black.
so keep an eye out for those!
and a monster scarf will be listed within the week too!
exciting stuff!

and check out my blogs new look!
cute huh?!


  1. aww he's awesome!! love him! can't wait to see the new earmuff monsters too :) LOVE the new blog look! xox

  2. Think your blog looks great & I'm loving the devil monster brooch - awwww he looks so sad though! xxx

  3. Cute page, cute monster! Love it...

    Thanks for the folksy message, can't wait to play with my tentacle!