Wednesday, 5 August 2009

sweet tooth

i finally had a go at making some fimo cupcake earrings and necklaces today.
i've been wanting to for AGES.
i love cupcakes. i could live on them. for real!
and i've always been really into fimo cupcakes too, but yet i've never bought any as i've been holding out until i make my own.
and i kept putting it off as i thought that i would be no good at it at all,
but im actually quite proud!!!

the photo i took is really orange/yellow as its quite late, but i'll shove some more on here tomorrow for you to see

baaaaah! i think they're adorable!
i just love kiwi! its going to be hard for me to sell them; but alas, i must!
i've made others too; including, strawberry and chocolate and grapefruit!!!
they dont really fit in with my "Snarlz" shop though, do they? what do you think???
im planning on making some halloween themed ones which i guess i can sell with my monsters, but im not sure =/

I went charity shop hunting today, mainly for some old cameras, which i didnt find.
i did get a few books though, and this:

an owl pot!!!
isn't he just the most super thing ever?!
i fell completely in love with him. now i just need to think of something that i can keep in him.


  1. Ooh I love the kiwi on the cupcakes - very different & quirky - makes a change from all the strawberries out there.

    The owl is gorgeous too - great find - don't keep anything in it!

    Hope things are going well for you xxx

  2. the cupcakes are SO cute! I'm a cupcake addict too ;) you can totally sell them w/your monsters! xox