Thursday, 13 August 2009

spotlight on....


"These are all my original creations...odd little creature's daily lives and desires...strange places in time - in childhood - where you know you've seen a monster behind the shower curtain, or your pet cat talked for a split second, then, after time it becomes a dream. "

i am absolutely in love with emmaklingbeil's work.
completely and utterly.
i love how they have a childlike look to them with an almost adult theme and feeling.
they are superb and stunning.
its like she has reached into mind and put my daydreams down on paper.

i would do anything to own one of her prints.
but unfortunately i only have £15 to my name
ah, the joys of being an art student *sigh*
someone buy me one?

i think i would pretty much sell my own mother for one of her original paintings!
THIS is how in love i am.

go visit her etsy shop HERE so you can all fall in love too.
she really is truly talented!

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