Tuesday, 18 August 2009

"keep your nose to the grindstone"

i went to a clairvoyance evening last night.
i really didnt know what to think, and i guess i still don't =/
my boyfriend had wanted to go to one for a while though, due to his dad dying.
He didnt get a reading, but i did *eeep*

apparently there's an old woman close by me trying to push me and keep me going (im guessing its my great nan) and an old man who smokes a pipe (no idea who that is, her husband maybe?)
the medium was rather lovely about me really.
she said that im a very bright light, will have a life that has a lot to do with colours and that i will follow a very spiritual path. I am to "keep my nose to the grindstone" apparently, as there is a lot more learning to be done, and if i do this, i will have a wonderful life.
i thought that was rather lovely.
it made me smile.

i dont think i have anything to update about shop and making wise.
im busy busy with custom necklaces and shoes.
though a new bat plushie and some new earmuff monsters should be up very soon.

He's a cutie!

I still don't quite know what to make of Folksy.
i've had one sale thus far.
maybe im better off sticking with etsy?

i also think im going to start up doing custom earmuffs.
other things apart from monsters i mean.
i have one person who's going to order some lemon ones. how cute!!!
i'd love some more though. custom things are so fun!!

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