Thursday, 30 July 2009

a little bit of knowledge

So, i thought it would be best if i maybe told you a little bit about me.
I thought that might be nice.

So, im a 19 year old art student, studying Visual Studies at the Norwich art school.
Now, no one ever knows what Visual Studies is unless they've done it themselves and its a super hard course to explain. I guess the only thing i can say is that it's anything you want it to be! painting, sewing, sculpture, film, dance. As long as its visual then you can do it!
Its much fun! i mostly stick to sewing though.... i do love sewing.

This is meeeeee

I've been "in to" art since i was very, very young and studied it all through school. It wasn't until i went to college though (3 years ago now... god im getting old fast) that i found my passion for sewing and other similar crafty pursuits.
You see, my mother and her mother and even her mother were all seamstresses and i just wanted to run away from that. It's not cool to like the same things as your mum, right?
But, when the photography class i applied for was too full, i decided to try out the textiles course, thinking that i would want to give it up after only a few classes.
However, to my surprise, i fell completely in love with it and it actually became the only class at college that i enjoyed and didn't hate with a passion. weird.

I started to sell my stuff online under the shop name "Bee-Delicious" during my second year at college and also took part in a craft fair that summer too where i had my own stall. The first things i started to sell where needled felted (oh how i love needle felting!) slices of cake.

here is one of my first needle felted cake slices.
its still up for sale in my etsy shop, it seems that only i like it.
click here to go buy it, or just to have a look.

i've continued to sell through my first year of uni too, even though my tutors sometimes moan that all i think about is my online shops *sigh*
And that brings us to now, where i am splitting my shop in two.
Still keeping Bee-Delicious but starting up Snarlz too, as my monsters seem to clash with all the pretty pretty cakes and shoes and other things that i also create.

Splitting my shops is turning out to be a lot more complicated than i though, but im sure i'll get there in the end.

wish me luck =]


  1. Love your banner! Your monsters are really cute too!!

  2. Best of luck with school, your online selling and your new blog. I love your header for your blog - super cute monster.