Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Photo Update

I've been busy, busy, busy lately and have sucked at posting on here yet again. Apologies.

My aim at the moment is to take more photos. I'm hoping to get a new camera for Christmas so that I can have a compact one and take it with me everywhere instead of dealing with the huge one I have now. At the moment I pretty much only take photos of the things I've made but I want to start recording much, much more. I managed to remember to take some over Halloween this year (though not many at all) but the rest of these are, again, items I have made to sell in my Etsy shop. Hopefully I'll have a wider range of photos to show off soon.

Anyway, here are some that I've taken over the past few weeks--

1. I baked some Halloween vampire cupcakes.
2. Dan with his Halloween pumpkin.
3. My Cheshire Cat pumpkin. I'm rather proud of it :)
4. Adventure Time earmuffs
5. No Face earmuffs
6. Sugar Skull hair clip.
7. Moogle earmuffs.

As well as all this sewing, I've now got a job as a Librarian! I'm super excited about this as I am SUCH a bookworm so this job is just perfect for me. I cant wait to start!