Thursday, 30 July 2009

monster keyring - GIVEAWAY

would someone please start a drumroll for.... MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!
hopefully this will be the first of many.

Right, so in this giveaway one lucky reader could win one of my monster keyrings!
And this one is special because it has never before been seen!
Not in any of my shops, or my deviantart.
He's a bit shy you see.

anyway, here he is:

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win him is:
  • come up with a super name and wonderful background story for him! (see my etsy or folksy shop descriptions for examples)
And either:
  1. put a link on your blog to my Etsy or Folksy shop.
  2. put a link on your blog to this blog
  3. follow this blog.
you dont need to do all three.
just pick one (of course you can do all three if you would like. that would be lovely) and create a name and backstory for the monster.

This competition will close in one weeks time on 6th August.

good luck all!!!


  1. I would call him Mr Bitey!

  2. Oooh this is exciting! Right...

    This is Eric - he's very misunderstood really. Due to a bizarre incident at the Jaffa Cake factory he got totally overcooked & was thus banished from the box. Poor Eric. He is now quite crispy on the outside which results in his totally fixed smile (yup it's a smile - hasn't he got lovely teeth?!), some people find this scary - but he's such a happy soul, a real softie on the inside, just like a yummy orangey bit.

    Phew - hope that was ok - he would be so loved & looked after at our house - just like all the other Jaffa Cakes xxx

  3. My name is Noz

    I used to belong to a bear but over the years the teddy was played with so much that bits and pieces started to fall off. Well anyway one day I fell off my owner and rolled under a cupboard. It was very dark under there but I decided to explore. I came across lots of spders and creepy crawlies but they did not scare me. What i did hate was the dust. The house owner never cleaned under the cupboard and I love to sniff around as noses do and the dust makes me sneeze, so this why I have this sneezing expression on my face I cannot stop.

    If I went to live with HJ she said she will give me some TLC and plenty of soft tissues for my delicate nose

    Snuggles and Sniffles

  4. I've given your giveaway a mention on my blog too & a link to your Folksy shop x

  5. His name is Colin Cumbunion, and boy is he misunderstood. Colin loves Manga, Bettie Page and fan dances, and dislikes noisy people and fresh fruit. Colin likes to hide at the bottom of a bag of raisins, occasionally nipping at the fingers of people who mistake him for their next mid-morning snack. Colin rocks. x