Wednesday, 5 August 2009

we have a winner!

so the giveaway is now closed and our lucky winner is.......


and here is her winning story:

"This is Eric - he's very misunderstood really. Due to a bizarre incident at the Jaffa Cake factory he got totally overcooked & was thus banished from the box. Poor Eric. He is now quite crispy on the outside which results in his totally fixed smile (yup it's a smile - hasn't he got lovely teeth?!), some people find this scary - but he's such a happy soul, a real softie on the inside, just like a yummy orangey bit."

well done!
your story was super and so sweet! i loved it =]
email me at with your details and i'll send Eric off on his way to you!

aaaaaand i've been featured on Creepy Queen Magazine!

find the article HERE.

its all go!

1 comment:

  1. THUD! Sorry just picking myself back up off the floor... ahem! Well I don't quite know what to say - I never win anything, thank you so much, Eric will be soooo looked after in our house, my mice & Itty Bitty Kitties will make him very welcome!


    Hey & well done with the Creepy Queen Magazine - just keep doing what you're doing - I'm a fan & your work is amazing xxx