Wednesday, 24 October 2012

No Heat Curl

I decided to try out a no heat curl last night.
My hair is poker straight, flat, really fine and refuses to hold any kind of style at all. If I use a curling iron the curls will fall out within 3 hours no matter what products I use on it.
So I thought the no heat curl would be a bit of a long shot, but any chance to have lovely curly hair is one I'm going to jump on straight away!!!
I found the idea on The Papermama's blog:

The socks were SUPER uncomfortable to sleep on. But I think the result was worth it! For me anyway.
It's been 2 hours and the curls still look the same as when I first took the socks out! Plus it gives me way more volume! I love it!
I might try doing it with some cut up tights next time though......they might be more comfortable for sleeping.
Anyway, heres what the result looked like:

So much better than my normal boring hair!

Here's the video tutorial too:

Yay for socks!!
I think this might start being a nightly ritual for me. Finally something that works on my hair!

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